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Chaz Idling Thoughts was designed to provide any info under the sun. 

I am a kind of person with full of questions. I even get amazed of human existence. And when I accidentally mess up my life, I just wish I could create another account.

There may be too many questions out there but why complicate life if you can make it easier? For those who want to look young thin, there's an easy way for that. Just around old anf fat people! If you have a problem, just relax, there's another one coming after it. 

I also talk a lot. I talk just about anything. I talk a lot in normal days. I also talk a lot when I'm angry. Then. I realized, I'm not really that talkative and I am not a nag. I think I am a motivational speaker! lol

This time, I'm commencing a more positive life. I will start buying lottery tickets at luckier stores. I will not talk about the same story at every coffee time with my friends. And if karma doesn't hit someone I hate, I will do the honor.  :p

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